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Apr. 1st, 2026 10:59 pm
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[Kendrel’s realm is a large garden centered around a giant, ancient baobab-like tree, its branches extending high into the sky. The leafy canopy is filled with softly glowing blue flowers, and into the bark of the trunk are carved assorted pictures of rabbits with wings. Hard to tell if there’s any connection between any of them though, given how much damage they’ve taken. The branches have been molded over the years to hold nests for a warren of winged rabbits to sleep in, which are still filled with leaves, grasses, and other comfortable bedding. Larkspur flowers bloom around the base of the tree, providing color and a pleasant scent, though the base of the tree itself is hollow, leading into a chamber large enough for multiple humans to stand in comfortably.

The garden itself extends toward the horizon - in the distance, when the weather is clear and if you have good eyes, you can just make out the edge of a forest, so it probably isn’t endless, but no matter how far you go, you never seem to get much closer to the end… The plants that are growing at any given time change according to Kendrel’s whims (or, more accurately, what her meditations tell her the Lady and the Sisters want), but dandelions, strawberries, and grape vines are common sights, as are lettuce and assorted colorful flowers.

The realm is in a constant state of eternal night, and yet there’s always enough light to comfortably see, partially due to the glowing flowers in the tree, and partially from moonlight shining down from the three moons that never seem to set. One is red, one is blue, and one is green, and all of them look impossibly large in the night sky, but maybe they just orbit really close? Maybe they are that big? Who knows. Either way, somehow the sun, if there is one, just never shines overhead.]

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